Maximum Edge Skate Sharpening

We are the only authorized Maximum Edge facility in Simcoe County

We are a Maximum Edge member and a technically certified skate sharpening service shop located in the south end area of Barrie, Ontario.
Our certified technicians sharpen every pair of skates using the same 7-step Maximum Edge sharpening & finishing system as the NHL and 300 teams around the globe. Our stamp of approval guarantees a consistent and predictable result every time.

Skaters should be in control of their skates, not the skates controlling the skater. Each and every skate sharpened under the MAXIMUM EDGE process undergoes a rigorous inspection where we check for square and damaged edges.

Combined with our skate profiling system, we can optimize the skate based on the skater’s skill level, weight, height, position which all affect skating style, speed, stops, starts, jumps, landings and stick handling.

This is the system that our Barrie Colts use, and so can you. Stop by our shop or give us a call at (705) 730-1919.